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The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.

We all have goals we want to reach, challenges we’re striving to overcome and times when we feel stuck. Partnering with a coach can change your life, setting you on a path to greater personal and professional fulfilment.

Transformational Coaching.

At KLS we concentrate on coaching the person and working at the Transformational Coaching level.

Transformational coaching is a way of working with the coachee that moves beyond the surface of the presenting topic. It fundamentally impacts the “being” of the coachee. It enables people to have a different belief in themselves in how they think, feel and behave in situations as well as in their interactions with others.
We believe in order to reinforce or change behaviour, there needs to be a “significant emotional experience”, a lightbulb moment. Behaviour shifts are important if coachees are to sustain the changes identified in the coaching session; however, we believe long term, sustainable change occurs when an individual looks at a challenge or situation with a different mindset.
Transformational coaching – coaching that works at the level of beliefs, values, identity and purpose – is likely to create this long-term change. When we describe something as ‘transformational,’ we’re talking about something that produces a big change in or performance improvement to a situation.

Why Do Executives Need Executive Coaching?

It develops senior staff in an organisation and in a timely and cost-effective manner.
It prepares all level leaders for their roles in the company.
It helps prepare a leader who is transitioning from one area of the company to another.
It creates personal professional development within an organization.

Who Will Benefit.

Our coaching can be applied to Senior level executives and managers along with all level leaders who want to make a significant change at their level.

There are many reasons why an executive coach is important to the success of even the most experienced executives.If you have ever experienced an executive coaching session, you would not need to ask why executive coaching is important. It is one of the most vital methods for improving the knowledge and skills of leaders, managers, and executives.
Most of all, executive coaching has a positive impact on the bottom line, and the bottom line is what makes or breaks an executive.
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